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The Development of programs of sustainable tourism

Theme of the research

The strategies for the valorisation of Rwenzori National Park will be evaluated from the deep knowledge of the following aspects: the role of tourism in the socio-economical development of the area, the conditions for a widespread tourist fruition and the suitable ones, the role of the tourist enterprises, the exchange of experiences with other natural protected areas (especially in Italy and in Lombardia Region).

Researchers will try to understand the essential conditions and instruments for a wider local involvement in the promotion of “sustainable tourism” forms, and support wider knowledge of the characteristics of Rwenzori National Park inside the adult and young population living close to the Park, especially seen as present and/or future potential workers in different sectors of services, receptivity, transports, etc.

To support the achievement of prefixed targets, didactic instrument and promotional material will be carried out through the collaboration with the Uganda Widlife Authority (UWA).

Such material, could be used also in Italy and in Europe to increase the knowledge of Rwenzori Area.

This program will start in 2006. The resources for the full program have been asked to italian foundations and to international research programs.