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Are you looking for some information to help plan your trip to Uganda? We have compiled all the essential travel information you need to know to get started with making your travel plans.

Traveling is more than simply getting to a new place. Travel can be very exciting! Planning a trip is fun as there are tons of things to do and see. Are you ready to tackle the logistics of planning your trip? Here is some helpful advice to make sure you are ready for your big trip.

General information

About Uganda

  • Learn all about Uganda’s climate
  • A brief summary of Uganda’s history
  • Before You Leave Home
  • All you need to know when you arrive in Uganda
  • Checklist that may help with your travels
  • Health and safety in UgandaForeign embassies and consulates in Uganda

Safari Planning

  • Tips on how to take great photos
  • Tips for a better stay in a destination

Leaving Uganda

  • Things to consider before you leave Uganda

Rwenzori Trekking Planner

Get started with planning your trip to the Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

Plan Your Hike

Planning for your Rwenzori Mountain trek 2021-2022; preparing for your Rwenzori Mountain trek, what to pack/climbing equipment, how to get there/transportation, mountaineering fees, where to stay, best time, etc

Climbing fees

When planning for the Rwenzori Mountain trek, a number of things should be budgeted for. Firstly, the climbing fee which covers guide fees, accommodation in huts when ascending or descending, meals etc.