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Nature walks in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park, offers amazingly the unforgettable on-foot walk experience at the Mountains of the Moon. A nature walk along the trails of Rwenzori Mountains offer a great chance to uncover the hidden treasures of this spectacular Uganda safari park.

There are many options to explore and experience Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon. You can follow the trails on a guided nature walk or go birding tour, each of these reward distinctly. The main areas of interest for nature loving travelers on Rwenzori Mountains National Park safari include Lake Mahoma, Buraro chimp forest, navigate via the local communities of Kichwamba till Karangura ridge. The paths also lead up to Bundibugyo area via Bwamba pass while taking the Ruboni and the Turaco, you are guaranteed of astonishing guided forest walks and views in the surrounding.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park is an amazing place worth visiting on a guided nature walk. The significant trails include Buraro chimp forest, Lake Mahoma trail, Central circuit zone, Kilembe trail, Bwamba pass. The walks usher you into Kichwamba and you can have access to the Karangura ridge.

Turaco and Ruboni trails provide excellent views of the surrounding area. The River Mubuku pass is also noted for its great views of Portal, Bakers peaks at elevation of 2300m. On a clear day, expect uninterrupted views of the snow-capped Margherita peak on Mount Stanley. En-route, there is a chance to enjoy astonishing species such as vervet monkeys, squirrels, chameleons, birds of varied species to mention but a few.

Bwamba pass

Prior construction of a road connecting Fort Portal to Bundibugyo in 1938, Bwamba pass was a direct route for most of the hikers to conquer the 1500m altitude. Mostly, the local guides from Abanya Rwenzori Community Group take lead of guided nature walks along this pass while you access the nearby villages and also pay a visit to the Bamboo forest while viewing the spectacular rift valley.

Ruboni Village walk

The Ruboni village walk mainly takes you to Ruboni village which has a composition of 2000 people. The walk is all about learning about the daily practices, way of life, cultures, traditions, norms of the Bakonzo local residents who reside around this area. Exploring Ruboni village may take you 3 hours and there is opportunity for visitors to also meet the blacksmith.

Forest hike

Forest hikes are also possible undertaking while on Uganda safari in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park. The forest walks come with a chance for you to sight the numerous colobus monkeys, the three-horned chameleons, birds including the Rwenzori turacos. There are also some wildlife to keep an eye on including bush bucks, giant forest hogs.

Day treks

Begin your trek from Ruboni and with lead of the guide, then have the best of the Ruboni, meet the locals, enjoy bird species including cinnamon chested bee-eaters, Rwenzori Turacos, sunbirds and a lot more.

The Northern pass hike

The Northern pass is a mini hike offering incredible ascend to 3000m elevation on Rwenzori Mountain ranges. It is found along the Northern side of Rwenzori Mountains and it offers the best moderate to even more challenging hikes. Like other nature walking trails, hiking/walking through the Northern pass is done with park guide on lead. The mini hike takes from 7 to 8 hours and you navigate through the Bamba pass on 3000m, view the Semliki Valley.

When to travel for nature walks in the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon

Nature walks in the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon can be done all year-round. However, the dry season is considerably the best to undertake a guided nature walk in the Rwenzori National Park. There are 2 useful dry seasons to enjoy the nature walk here the first which begins from June to August, December to February.

Nature walks during the dry season is perfect as you enjoy hikes/walk on drier trails. There is less or no rain experienced during this period unlike during the wet or rainy season which is characterized by bad road conditions. Nature walks often begin early morning and afternoon but they are all enjoyable.