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The Rwenzori climbing routes & trails offer the best of the Rwenzori Mountain ranges trekking experiences. The Rwenzori Mountains/The Mountains of the Moon shelters Uganda’s highest mountain also notably a distinct block mountain range which is snow-capped.

Different trekkers/hikers/climbers visit Uganda mainly to challenge themselves with the exhilarating hiking trails to the summits of the Rwenzori Mountains peaks specifically to explore the Margherita peak. Margherita peak which ranges at 5109m, is without doubt the highest peak in Uganda and considerably the 3rd highest on African continent.

Each of the Rwenzori Mountain hiking trails offers unique experiences and essentially hikers/climbers get to enjoy mesmerizing views of the peaks but en-route, you come across different trees, plants & flowers. The Rwenzori Central & Kilembe Trail are the 2 amazing Rwenzori Mountain hiking trails that offer trekkers the mesmerizing challenge & undeniably the most thrilling trekking experience.

The Rwenzori Central Circuit

If you are looking for great hiking challenge on Rwenzori Mountains trekking adventure then the Rwenzori Central Circuit Trails should be a must to trek through. The Rwenzori Central Circuit is notably the oldest and also the most famous trekking route leading trekkers to the magnificent Margherita peak of Rwenzori Mountains. The Margherita peak is one of the 6 amazing peaks that make up the Rwenzori Mountain ranges and it is found on Mount Stanley (5109m).

The Rwenzori Central Circuit Trail run by the Bakonzo the inhabitants around the Mount Rwenzori National Park. Compared to other routes, the Central Circuit route is less challenging and comes with a range of amazing things to enjoy en-route. Trekking through the Rwenzori Central Circuit guarantees hikers mesmerizing views of other Mountains of the Moon peaks especially Mt. Baker, Speke, Stanley, enjoy scenic vegetation, birdlife, primates and other mammal species.

Trekking through the Rwenzori Central Circuit route is preferably the best for expert climbers. Treks via this route begin from Nyakalengija office at altitude of 1646m, navigate to Nyabitaba Hut at 2652m-approximately 10kms off the Nyakalengija briefing point. From Nyabitaba Hut, trek 7kms to John Matte Hut on 3414m. Next you climb up to Bujuku Hut on 3962m then to Elena Hut at 4430m about 4kms and this can on your 4th day of trek. From Elena Hut, head to Margherita peak on 5109m about 2kms and also get back to Elena Hut the 5th day.

The 6th day, keep descending up to Guy Yeoman Hut on 3261m about 8kms and later, get to Nyabitaba Hut at 2652m, 6kms. Finally, get back to Nyakalengija 10kms and by estimate, a complete trek on the Rwenzori Central Circuit trail can last you 7/8 days.

The Kilembe Trails

The Kilembe Trail is another exceptional Rwenzori Mountains hiking route offering unforgettable mountaineering experience on the Southern side of the Rwenzori Mountain ranges. Trekking through Kilembe route to the summits of Rwenzori Mountains begins from Kilembe just close to Kasese Town. This hiking trail leads you through Nyamwamba Valley and comes with scenic view of glacial lakes, sceneries prior connecting to the Central Circuit at Lake Kitandara. Here you can in position to enjoy great views of the beautiful Mount Baker.

Other than the Rwenzori Central Circuit & Kilembe trails, the other important trails worth trekking through include the Chimpanzee Trail which takes hikers just a day; The Mahoma loop 28kms taking hikers about 3 days to trek through. You can as well, hike to Bundibugyo area via Bwamba pass.

The Bwamba pass initially was used by local residents as direct route to trek up-to 1500m over the steep North Rwenzori ridge and this was prior construction of the road in 1938 that connects Fort Portal to Bundibugyo Town. Trekking through the Bwamba pass is done with lead of the Abanya Rwenzori Community group taking you via the isolated mountain villages, explore the bamboo forest as you also enjoy great views of the rift valley.