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Airport Transfer: Going to and from the airport can at times be very stressful. That is when you need a reliable service provider on your side ready to take care of all the details so that you can relax and focus on your next point. This is where Exclusive African Safaris comes in. For more than 13 years, we have been handling all kinds of Airport transfers for several thousand clients and counting.

While our primary business is organizing wildlife and gorilla safari tours for our clients, a big part of these tours is transportation. We, therefore, have trusted and experienced drivers and a well-maintained and serviced fleet of cars. With our Airport transfer service, we still hold ourselves to the highest standards.

We want to help you move to or from Entebbe International Airport to any part of Uganda, with the best possible comfort and peace of mind. Whether you want to be picked up and dropped off at your hotel in Kampala, to your home, or even to your residence in the countryside.

Private transportation is a transportation service unavailable for use by the general public and it can be for business like meetings, airport transfers, product and service deliveries or leisure purposes like road trips, park tours, city tours, picnics and parties among others. Most of the cars are privately owned by individuals but there are specific cars tailored for specific trips or functions rented out by various Uganda car rental agencies as well as travel and events management agencies.

Uganda is one of the top growing safari destinations in Africa blessed with a variety of attractions that spread across the country and we have been organizing both guided and self-drive trips and can gladly offer you some tips on why private transportation is way better than public means if you plan on traveling around Uganda this season.



If you still rely on others to travel or use public vehicles hiring a personal car can cure this problem. If you have your own car you don’t have to adjust your schedule according to others. If you are using public vehicles there is always tension in your mind whether you will reach on time or you might miss your public transport. You will be independent to travel using your car as you please even if it is simply to travel from work to home.

Beneficial During Emergency

Your personal hired vehicle can be very beneficial in case of emergencies. Many a time, it so happens that someone in your family falls sick or gets injured in an accident and the hospital is far away from your place. You can transfer the sick person to the hospital quickly without any delay or you can call your Tour Agent to help you out in case of any emergency.

Convenient and Save Time

The capacity to work individually implies that you need to stress only about your timetable and frenzied life. Hiring your very own vehicle makes life considerably more helpful. Having the option to cross town in only in minutes spares you a great deal of time on your day by day drive, on your shopping trips, or visiting different attractions. With the bustling lives that we lead, it is hard to make time. Having a vehicle saves that extra time.

Long Drives

One of the biggest advantages of hiring your own car is planning a trip or sometimes even going on an unplanned trip or long drive. Having a car at such times is more practical. You can also explore the roads off-the-grid more in your own car. Just remember to equip yourself with off-road tires and keep a lookout for danger signs on these roads. Also, some public vehicles don’t allow pets. So if you want your furry babies to accompany you, having your own car will solve that problem.

Big Families

Do you have a big family? Then hiring a big car to accommodate your whole family would be a great idea. If you have a big family who wants to travel during the holidays, you will understand the significance of having your own vehicle. During this time, public transports turn out to be increasingly costly, compelling some people to stop traveling. Those with personal vehicles will have nothing to worry about.


You travel without struggling for breathing; stretching and sitting space and you can be assured of lesser fatigue compared to using public transportation which is always crowded with other passengers.


You are free to make unplanned and planned stopovers en-route and even branch to other routes in case of tight traffic jam in the city and highways.


The traveler together with his/her luggage are safe including other particulars like phones, cameras and money since you know who is with you in the car. Private cars will give you the safety that taxis can’t provide. The company has a reputation to maintain, after all.


Your private life is maintained since you are with family or friends who know and understand your confidentiality best other than being in a public transportation where everyone is a stranger.


Without a doubt, private cars are much more luxurious and comfortable. With taxi cabs, you have to accept what you’re given. The car might be in a horrible condition and uncomfortable to ride in and you’d still have to accept it.

Conclusion, they aren’t aware that there are alternatives out there that would offer a better, more reliable ride. Whether you want to roam in Rwenzori National Park or need to pick up an important client from Entebbe, you need to get a comfortable ride, check for Entebbe Airport Transfer for reliable Services .