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Vegetation Zones

There are 5 different vegetation zones found in the Rwenzori mountains. These are grassland (1000-2000m), montane forest (2000-3000m), bamboo/mimulopsis zone (2500-3500m), Heather/Rapanea zone (3000-4000m) and the afro-alpine moorland zone (4000-4500m).

At higher altitudes, some plants reach an unusually large size, such as lobelia and groundsels. The vegetation in the Rwenzori mountains is unique to equatorial alpine Africa and the only other places where they might be also found are at Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya.

The lush bamboo forest exists above the rain-forest characterized by tall bamboo. And above bamboo forest, heather zone exists at 3000 to 3800m, alpine zone is available at 3500m and significant floral species include groundsel, giant lobelia and these occupy a larger area. At 4400m, there is nival zone mostly featuring the permanent snow & glaciers.