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Uganda Self Drive

Self Driving from Rwenzori National Park

Self Driving from Rwenzori National Park

Uganda Self Drive

Rwenzori Mountains is the highest mountain in Uganda with Margarita peak as the highest peak. To reach the peak normally it takes 7 to 8 days. Some energetic clients can summit in less than 7 days and also the days can be more in case clients prefer to explore more other peaks.

It is very possible to obtain a Uganda car rental for self-drive to Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Hike the mountain and then after continues with trip to other different destinations. We can offer you a car whether small SUV or Land cruiser jeep to the mountain. The car can be left packed safely at the park headquarter or at the lodge and then continue to the Mountain.

From there you can visit Kibale National park with that freedom of driving yourself without limitations of all inclusive safaris.  Kibale is known for big population of chimpanzees, unique vegetation, different forest bird species and many more.

There are other places to visit in Kasese like the Queen Elizabeth National park. Many types of animals are residents in this park which can be seen by self-driving. You can decide to hire a park guide to go with you to explain each and every attraction you come across.

The same way, you can continue to Bwindi National park for gorilla tracking before relaxing on Lake Bunyonyi for other water activities. Lake Bunyonyi is near Bwindi National park depending on the region where you have done the tracking.  On lake Bunyonyi, you can do Boat cruise, Zip lining, visiting the Batwa. And more.

In case you are to summit Rwenzori, and have the permits already for gorillas and chimpanzees we advise our clients to first do the tracking since the permits are fixed on specific days and since the mountain can sometimes be tough for some clients they end up delay on mountain for more days. This can affect the permits which are already fixed on specific days.

Driving is fan as you can stop where ever you prefer and the time spent at a given place depends on you.  For proper directions or navigations you can down load the map of Uganda on phone and follow to different destinations.

Our cars are 4×4 they can manage on different types of roads, no worry of being stack somewhere, Contact us we have our rescue procedures and solutions. We have mechanics in different destinations.  And if the problem is big we can deliver another car to you following our terms and conditions.

You can visit more places with car hire. Western Uganda has many to offer. After you can drive back to Entebbe for more relaxation before boarding the plane to go back home.  There are so many attractions on the way as you drive back and eating places where you can stop.

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