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78 Year Old Lady Hike to Margherita Peak

78 Year Old Lady Hike to Margherita Peak


A Canadian 78year old lady successfully hiked to the peaks of the Rwenzori mountains. She is the first recorded advanced age lady tourist to successful reach the peaks of Mt. Stanley – Margherita of Rwenzori Mountains

Guided by three recently trained Guides (two male and one Female) of Rwenzori Trekking

Services, Ms. Beryl Park (78), started the hike on 8th November 2010 at Mulyambuli gate (1727m asl) through the Kilembe trail circuit of approximately 38km distance to Stanley peak (Margherita 5109m asl) and she came out of the Park on the 17th November 2010.

The excited client expressed satisfaction for the quality services by the guides that enabled her to successfully achieve her 30year old dream of appreciating the beauty of Rwenzori Mountains of the moon.

She observed that, even though she has hiked several mountains including Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Rwenzori remains a challenge.

She commended UWA staff for protecting the ecosystem in a pristine state she promised to promote Rwenzori Mountains to the friends in Canada and other areas of the world.

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